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RPO Outsourcing Specialization

PNI Recruitment Outsourcing thoroughly recognizes and comprehends the changing trends and requirements of the market; therefore guarantees full commitment and quality service. We make use of the most effective methods of Outsourcing in:


- Human Resources

- Information Technology

- Recruitment

- Back Office Support


Outsourced HR / Recruitment Services

PNI Recruitment Outsourcing will not only get your outsourcing jobs effectively and efficiently but also, will free up your time and reduce your costs.


- Executive Search

- Staffing (Employee Contracting)

- Payroll Outsourcing

- Staff Hosting

- Project Contracting

- Systems Maintenance

- Recruitment Process Outsourcing

- Back Office Support (External and Internal Accounting, New Business Registration)


Approach to RPO/HR Outsourcing

PNI Recruitment Outsourcing understands the needs of clients. In order to achieve a more cost-effective and profitable business, we make it a point to work hand in hand with clients. Through joint efforts, energies can be concentrated on successfully implementing your core business competencies.


Delivering the right HR solutions

Our company’s highly experienced and dedicated team makes it possible to meet the quality requirements of valued clients.


PNI Recruitment Outsourcing’s knowledge and experience in finding efficient and effective individuals and/or teams for your work place has optimized the team’s ability to understand clients’ requirements and deliver the right outsourcing HR, IT and Back Office Solutions.


An innovative approach to HR/Recruitment Outsourcing

PNI Recruitment Outsourcing’s 15 years of experience in the industry spells experience and stability.


Our company is committed to quality and cost-effective service by providing a complete range of Outsourced HR, IT and Back Office Solutions that can improve business operations.


We will be your IDEAL OUTSOURCING PARTNER and become a helpmeet for your unique needs.


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